Pearly Pug of St Pancras Princess Adele

Darling pedigree pug – ‘Mandanna Black Adele’ is 9 years old. In September 2006 she obtained a title from Richard Booth – King of Hay-on Wye: and became ‘The Princess Adele’ . She is now one of King Richard’s loyal subjects of his realm and a defender of the printed word. She has accompanied King Richard on many a royal duty around the kingdom of Hay-on-Wye and is often heard barking her support in the background at royal events.
She has a double twist tail and hanging out tongue – which are signs of impeccable pedigree and class…. making her the best pug in the world to accompany the pearlies. She is full of fun and confidence and just adores dressing up ..Her owner Princess Lucia has made her a beautiful pearly coat with a ruff collar and the 2 princess are really looking forward to joining the court of The Pearlies of St Pancreas and will be on the best behaviour at all times.




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Kings Cross Victorian Experience – back to our Manor

Last September Pearly King Lee, Pearly Princess Diane, Pearlyking Jim and Pearly Queen Michelle attended The Kings Cross family Victorian weekend.

It was a great weekend dad would have loved to have been back on his old manor. We crowned the 5th generation of Pearlies of St Pancras Lee on the stage and then had a cockney singalong.

Happily dad had been interviewed a few years earlier about his childhood, family and growing up in King’s Cross and the work of the Pearly King’s and Queen’s – you can listen ‘ear




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28th September with Madness at Alexandra Palace

On the 28th September 2013 we attended a Madness concert with Pearlykingjim and Pearly Queen Michelle helping raise funds for  the Centrepoint charity. Oh what fun we had.



On Stage with Madness


With some Madness fans


Explaining to some youngsters about our tradition


Yummy Yummy waiting for pie and mash from the best





Suggs welcoming us on stage


What manor you from then?


Then Suggs and me cutting a rug across the stage





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Charity Benefit gig with Chas and Dave

On October the 25th we were invited to attend a fundraising event at The Cosgrove Lodge Hotel Milton Keynes along with Chas and Dave.

We all had a great time raising fun and funds.


Pearly Queen Michelle, Chas Hodges and Diane



Pearly King Lee, Pearly Queen Michelle, Princess Diane and Dave Peacock


Chas and Princess Di


Dave Larking around


The Pearlies with Elizabeth Emmett who organised the evening, she also own’s The Cosgrove Lodge Hotel a lovely lady.





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Pearly King

Lee Michelle 2

Nicole Scherzinger poses with our Pearly King Lee Drew at the ‘X Factor’ audition. Read more on Digital Spy.

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Alf Dole RIP

IMG_1246It is with great sadness to say that Alf Dole, Pearly King of St Pancras, passed away on Monday 13th May 2013.  In recent years Alf became an icon in Greenwich every Sunday with his Pearly cab, raising fun and funds for his charity great Ormond Street Childrens hospital.

Alf was a people person and cared deeply about those less well off than him. He was at his happiest singing the old songs and playing his spoons (one of his nicknames was ‘Alfie Spoon’) which certainly raised spirits and put smiles on others faces.

Alf’s grandson Lee has taken up his Grandad’s mantle, and is now the fifth generation of the family to take the throne – Lee’s great great grandad, George Dole, being the first pearly King of St Pancras back in the 1890s.

IMG_2336-2Lee is now taking the tradition into a whole new field – as the only Pearly Pro Golfer on the UK and European professional golf circuit and is looking to link up with some corporate sponsors to help raise fun and funds.

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Alf at Greenwich

See Alf at Greenwich every Sunday, starting in the park at 11am then moving on to the Cutty Sark and then on the Greenwich Market.

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Alf ‘n Dave ‘n Boris

Alf gets to have a rabbit with his china’s, Boris and Dave at Leadenhall Market in London during the 2010 elections.

The Mayor of London and our future PM both listened closely to Alf’s Pearly wisdom on matters of state.  The showing of the three of them on the popular TV show ‘Mock the Week’ below gives some great one-liners whilst Alf is little disappointed that his advice is given a slightly different spin!

Why not come along to see Alf at Greenwich Market (he’s there most Sunday mornings) and he can tell you what really passed between  between him and  these two wily old Costermongers of State!

For definitions please see the Cockney Rhyming Slang Glossary.

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Pearlies at War and Peace

We had a fantastic time at The War and Peace Show here are some pictures from the weekend.

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